Values & Vision

Our Vision

Create a culture of high expectations

‘Ramlegh Park Primary School will provide a safe environment where all are given opportunities to learn and grow. Together, we will create a culture of high expectations, and inspire students to be active global citizens.’

Our Values

Collaboration, Aspiration, Respect & Exploration

Ramlegh Park Primary School’s values are CARE – Collaboration, Aspiration, Respect and Exploration. It is expected that all members of our community strive towards this vision and to live these values each day.

We Collaborate

In the pursuit of learning from, together and with each other

We Aspire

To do and be the best that we can be, and we will encourage each other in our Aspirations

We Respect

Ourselves and each other through our words and actions each day and understand that our behaviour has an impact on those around us.

We Explore

The world around us, being brave to seek new ways of learning and working, and to discover how we can contribute to being global citizens.